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Molecular Networks GmbH

Molecular Networks GmbH provides us an access to the CORINA software, which is used to perform 2D=>3D conversion in E-Dragon and PCLIENT applets.

CORINA (COoRdINAtes) automatically generates a 3D molecular model from a connection table or linear string. It has been designed to handle fast and efficiently massive volumes of structures such as those in company databases and combinatorial chemistry experiments.

CORINA matured through a series of versions during the past 15 years and is now used for 3D structure generation world-wide by many leading chemical and pharmaceutical companies and by 3D database provider. Furthermore, CORINA has become a standard in industry to generate 3D molecular models of high quality.

The CORINA calculation service is also offered by the University of Erlangen-Nurnberg. With Prof. Gasteiger receiving the emeritus status in March 2007 the service will be completely moved to the company Molecular Networks, the maintainer and distributor of the CORINA program.

For further information, please contact Molecular Networks GmbH.

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