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Groups of indices




1Constitutional descriptors48
2Topological descriptors119
3Walk and path counts47
4Connectivity indices33
5Information indices47
62D autocorrelations96
7Edge adjacency indices107
8BCUT descriptors64
9Topological charge indices21
10Eigenvalue-based indices44
11Randic molecular profiles41
12Geometrical descriptors74
13RDF descriptors150
143D-MoRSE descriptors160
15WHIM descriptors99
16GETAWAY descriptors197
17Functional group counts121
18Atom-centred fragments120
19Charge descriptors14
20Molecular properties28
21ET-state Indices>300
22ET-state Properties3
23GSFRAG Descriptor307
24GSFRAG-L Descriptor886
 Total : > 3,000
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